Tales of a Useless Ligature

by The Sounder

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This album was written and produced by Cortland Kay in partner with Aubrey Jae. Thank you all for the support. This album is only 7.00$ and please feel free to let us know what you think! You can contact me at cortlandkay@gmail.com Thank you all so much, cheers!


released November 30, 2011



all rights reserved


The Sounder Prescott, Arizona

An indie electro band from Prescott AZ. Cortland Kay and Phill Bradford with featured vocals from Aubrey Jae and Kaleena Martin.

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Track Name: Blaming the Rabbit
Now you have seen how difficult when dividing up yourself.

No pressure when your taking everything with a grain of salt.

Do you feel like your giving up?

No one is forgiven, two is pushing your luck.

Why do we continue competing when it's clear who the winner was.

Do you feel like your giving up?

Do you feel like your giving up?
Track Name: Please... Let Me Sleep
What simple times would get caught running backwards for the sake of a dying man?

All the feelings gone, unbeknownst to be wrong when not a scrap from the ship comes in.

It's like holding the door for someone else, and they say nothing.

Or the feeling of giving up when your chasing down the notion, of a wanted man.

There is a beating note in the chests of everyone who is calling a favor in.

But the one who was privileged in taking the call had decided on sleeping in.

As he runs toward the masses so blindly believing that confusion will let him live.

Not a song was sung or a neck to be rung until concluding that giving up, was the only way to win.

Your sway keeps on pulling me, perfectly into a line.

And the tambourine man keeps playing his song, as Dylan fallows close behind.

Oh the rain keeps poring down, harder now that your against the wind.

And i know that facing the music would come again, like a song... that was going to end.
Track Name: A Professional Fire
I felt your imperfections, leaning on to mine.

Indirect effection in direction with the times.

Oh what do we do now?

How do i say it loudly and not make a sound?


You lit the fire once again, why don't you just burn the place down?
While sinking in whats supposed to save us from the light thats going out.

Why don't you sit down, fancy a tea with me?

Why talk about the pavement when the grass is so green?

Oh where are you going now?

How do i say i'm sorry, when your not around?


Don't tell me i'm waisting my time.

All the leaves are turning over new ones, and we don't know why.

Oh what do we do now?

How do i say it loudly, and not make a sound?

Track Name: Epitaph
In flight, calling mayday, we're going down.

Don't touch me you whisper, while you insist on putting makeup on.

Don't let your hair come undone, leave December alone for once.

Don't weigh down whats keeping everyone, looking up while feeling down.

Would you say, anticipation aside is somehow killing us faster now?

All hands go up for the final counting of the ones that wont be found.

Who says it should be effortless? Let's assume that the violent one will lead.

Refrain from minor exchanging of, bodily fluids from ones insecurity.

Sustain the time that we thought of making this plane go down faster now.

Deranged as we may seem to the new borns, nothing will change them for a while.

We're going down, much faster now...
Track Name: Friends of Mine
So many trees, growing around us while we're dying, but life goes on yeah life goes on.

So many seas, ships keep sailing while ours is going down, yeah we're going down.

Because their is no crime done when crying when the sun goes down.

Friends of mine, we feel fine there's no denying whats to come, yeah whats to come.

Because there's no lights shinning through us ever again.

And there's no cloths left to fit in.

And there's no time left for children.

And there's no song left to listen to while your gone.
Track Name: Home Sick Doo Wop
I once knew a girl, sweet as cherry pie, knew we'd be together until she said goodbye.

Now that we have part, now that we are through, searching for a new love and i found one but she left me too.

Oh darling, i can make it on my own.

I know your friends are saying, he's nothing without your love.

Say he'll do himself in, go and just off a bridge, never see you again, but darling you know our love is sweeter now your gone.

Oh darling when you left, thinking i'd be on my own.

But then you tripped out that window with no one there to catch your fall.

For dear life your hanging on, you scream please help me i was wrong, and sense the tables have turned, but sweetheart just like you said to me, your on your own.

I can't see you in my head, I just lay here in my bed, when everything has been said to you.
Track Name: Weak Arms
Too many knocks at the door is wearing off the primer.

And the sound of two records at war go ringing down the hall.

You say your just taking a nap and that i shouldn't wake you.

But does putting on the dress make you feel any better at all?

Oh i'm feeling queazy.

Can i turn it down?

Does sitting on the floor ever remind you of childhood?

I guess i was wrong... Ask me the next question please...
Track Name: Corset for the Average
It will be alright, it will be okay in the end.

She said trust me, because i'm your only friend.
Track Name: Match
Somewhere, way deep down.

There lies two troubled kids, sitting inside looking out.

Some day, we'll know.

Where to go but until then we're passing time right out the door.


Because you gave me the flu, and i'm feeling ill because of you, when the rains the only thing that falls for you.

Say whats on your mind.

And don't hold back for the sake of getting lost or left behind.

Because i see, you've come prepared.

With gasoline soaked papers and a match just incase we don't make it there.


Why do you keep pulling the umbrella away?

Well i laid my coat down in the rain today for you, what can you do.

Well you took my heart and you stole it away.

But i told you i was renting it out for the day from you.

I want yours too.

Track Name: We Lost the Game
Oh tell me how, can i believe you when you tell me, i'm the one for you.

Oh tell me now, how can i believe you when you say, you love me too.

Because now i get caught standing behind you and the one that you adore.

I'm so timid, I'm so frail to love you like before i knew you well.

I'm calling out your name, and i'm feeling so ashamed when you refuse to dance the night with me.

I don't care, I don't mind, I wont feel a thing if you just tell me what you wish i could be.

I can see it in your face, what that makeup wont replace, oh please tell me tomorrow will be a better day.

I'v seen the lows, i'v felt the rise and the fall of my life just to know you, like no one else before.